Saturday, April 5, 2014

Last Chance!!

We have a lot of irons in the fire right now in regards to fundraising! If you are fb friends with me I apologize for the fact that I have probably blown up your newsfeed these past few days, thank you for bearing with me!

Two of our current fundraisers, our multi-family fb auction and our 'Do Something' Tshirts end TONIGHT!

To see all of the tshirt options, sizes, colors, SALES, and info on ordering and payment click HERE

If you're employing eBay tactics and waiting until close to the end to bid in the auction, it ends at 11:59 PM EST so don't forget!

You can check out all of our family's items starting HERE

Links to a few items that still don't have bids (as of this posting):

Adorable Patchwork Teddy w/ Cheerleader Outfit and Coordinating Child's Hat!
Both New With Tags!
Would make a great Easter present for any little girl!
Click here to start the bid

Color Your Own Princess Tshirt & Skirt Set for 18" animals & Dolls
Will fit Build A Bear and other 18" stuffed animals!
Click here to start the bid!
(There are several tshirts like this available for bid!)

NWT 18" Hippo in Glam Rocker Outfit
Would make a great Easter Gift!
Click here to bid!

Gorgeous handbeaded starfish necklace donated by Differently the Same
Would make a great Mother's Day gift!
Click here to bid

$20 Gift Certificate to Differently the Same
This is the awesome Etsy Store that made all of our 'Do Something Bracelets'
Use to get a one of a kind Mother's Day gift or Easter gift for your little one! They have awesome 'Frozen' inspired bracelets available for order!
Click here to order

There are lot of fun items still left without bids, or with low bids including Mary Kay, DVDs, and more!

Please take a look and help us bring our boy home!

We got to Skype with him yesterday and he is doing well! I finally got a picture of him smiling (Usually I snap it and he looks down or away at the last second)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has bid, donated items, shared our auction, bought and shared our tshirts and for all of your love and support!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Help Bring Them Home ~ Auction Simplified

We have a huge, multi-family facebook auction going on right now!

There are over 575 items up for grabs that help 7 families in the process of bringing home 11 children. All of the families are adopting from our son's country, we all even have the same domestic placement agency!

I've heard from a few friends that because there are so many items that they are having a hard time getting the album to load, finding certain things, etc. So to make it easier for everyone I thought I would post a few quick links to help you find what you're looking for!

If you are on a computer and just want to go directly to the main page of the auction album so that you can see thumbnails of all of items click HERE

*Each item has a description and includes a starting bid and any shipping costs if applicable. Items are grouped together by family starting with that family's cover photo. To see items for a family click the link with the family's name and then just scroll right*

The link to the CLAUS family's items featuring lots of handmade items including crocheted hats, handbeaded jewelry and more!

The link to the RAY family items featuring a variety of items from handmade blankets to outdoor adventures and more!

The link to the BAILEY family's items with lots of fun items from jewelry and electronics to clothes and much more!

The link to the KIRK family's items with a vintage quilt, handmade jewelry, DVDs, tshirts and more!

Link to the SHOGER family's items featuring lots of gorgeous smocked dresses, handmade toy sets, an awesome camera and more!

Link to the VARGAS family's items with lots of great items to fill your kids' Easter baskets, clothes, toys and more!

The link to the SUTTON family's items featuring giftcards, hand-made jewelry, African beaded jewelry, DVDs, blankets and much more!


A few items from the auction that are still without bids!
(At the time of this posting)

A few from our (Kirk) family:

This is the awesome page who made all of our 'Do Something Bracelets!'

From the Shoger Family

Adorable smocked dress embroidered with Little Red Riding Hood Size 4T

From the Claus family

From the Bailey Family

Does of the Word by Timothy Dolan

The Ray Family

(The starting bid has been met on this but still available for a great price!)

The Vargas Family

Would make a great Mother's Day Gift!!

The Sutton Family

There are several sets of these available with no bids yet! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Do Something! (TShirts)

Orders must be received by 10 PM EST

~Buy any three adult shirts and get them for just $16 each shipped
~Buy any adult tshirt and get a youth shirt/shirts for just $10 each shipped
*Deal applies to shirts going to the same address only*

We have a new tshirt campaign!

Inspired by the verse James 2:17 which says that faith without action is dead and our own beliefs that everyone can do something to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world.

This design is not adoption specific, though I've talked before about how if every believer would do just their part in orphan care we could effectively solve the orphan crisis that exists today. But, whether it's seeing a need in your community and stepping up to do something about it, serving in the mission field abroad or in your backyard, or just offering a helping hand to a single person in need, we can all DO SOMETHING!

There are 4 options for the tshirts.

Light Grey Ash with Red Printing

Red Heather with White Printing

Dark Gray Heather with Either White or Red Printing 
(I don't have a sample of the red design on this color)

They are available in the following sizes, Price includes shipping!

Youth XS-XL $18
Adult S-XL $20
Adult 2X/3X $22


So, the Paypal widget seemed to be causing more confusion than it was helpful so I took it down.

To order a shirt/shirts simply send your payment via Paypal *Select the Family & Friends Option* to
 Then forward the receipt they will email you to and include your order: Color(s), Sizes(s), and your shipping information.
If you would like to include a bracelet(s) on your order just let me know what size (6/6.5 , 7/7.5 or 8/8.5) and your charm choice (Starfish, Star, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Flower, Heart or Plain Silver Ball) for each one.

We are also selling these awesome, coordinating bracelets!

They come in a variety of sizes and charm options:

They are $8 each with free shipping or

Buy any tshirt and get up to three bracelets for just $5 each!
(Includes getting the tshirts at the sale price!)

Our goal is to sell 100 tshirts!! If we do we will have $1000 towards our final expenses!

*Right now we need to sell 11 more shirts to have 50 sold*

If you have any questions about how to order, the tshirts, or would just like to place an order directly you can message me at

And, as always we thank you for your support in helping us bring this precious face home!